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  • $40



  • Varies, Range from 8-12 ounces 


Patterns Available

  • Lined

  • Circle Dots 


Colors Available

  • Yellow, Gold Orange, Coral, Tin, Teal Mint, Sea Spray, Sea Spray & Black, Sky Blue, Black Berry


Great For / Suggested Use

  • Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Zinfandel 

  • Ice Tea, Strawberry Lemonade, Sparkling Water

  • Mojitos, Old Fashions, Gin and Tonics

  • Go-To Water Cup, and more!


* Check back for new options and variations as I'm always experimenting with new patterns and colors! * 

Made To Order Pieces take approximately 4-6 weeks once your order is confirmed. If you're hoping for your order sooner, please contact me to see if a sooner timeframe is possible!

To Order 

  • Send me a message Via the Contact Page

  • In your message please specify:
         1. The Form Name and Quantity you'd like to order
         2. Your Pattern, and Color Preferences
         3. Your email address
         4. Any addition comments you may have

  • I will email you to confirm your order was received, provide you with detailed Payment Information, and to arrange all shipping details.  

Payment Options

  • I accept payments through Square, PayPal, or Venmo 

  • Once I have received your order I will be in touch with detailed Payment Information


Shipping & Local Pick Up

  • I pack and ship each order with care and as economically as possible without risking security of orders safe arrival.

  • Shipping is determined by size and weight of order.  I ship USPS, but can ship UPS or FedEx if preferred.  An Estimated Shipping Price can be determine, please indicate this preference in your initial message.

  • Local pick up is also available.  Please include this preference in your message. 

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