“Everything is a mystery, ourselves, and all things both simple and humble.”


                                                                                                                                                   -Giorgio Morandi



To lead a life unquestioned is indeed a dangerous way to live.  Much of the lens through which we see the world comes to us by default: our cultural upbringings, the place we are born into both geographically and socially, and the lenses of those who raised us.  Over these factors, we don’t have much say, but we do have the capacity to question, and it is through questioning that we begin to interpret the world around us.


By disrupting boundaries and creating new interpretations of the familiar, my work challenges the relationship of the conscious and unconscious mind, bringing attention to our biases while raising awareness of how we perceive and question our surroundings. The in-between, subtle, overlooked and the unknown captivate me.  I draw awareness to these traits through the use of the two, three, and two and a half dimensional representations of habituated forms.


The inquiry of potential, and the anticipation of what could become are suggested through the works fluctuating presentations.  The minimal, near blank, surface of my clay forms and canvas drawings allow for viewer projection and interpretation.  Materials are used in a simultaneously traditional and nontraditional approach to defy norms and evoke questions.


The Peculiarities, which are provided by the illogical use of materials, and the curiosities, generated by forms which nod to function but elude utility, enhance viewer's mental participation.  While the amplified and staged relationships between viewer, space, and object create a bodily and physical experience.  Through pairing the viewer's mental and bodily awareness, both the conscious and subconscious are activated.

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