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I arrange clay vessels with the intent to disrupt structural boundaries and create new interpretations of the familiar. Forms that suggest function but elude utility are displayed in a manner that evokes the Still Life yet occupies space, creating pause for the viewer. I create subtle connections that generate a bridge into thought, reflection, and interpretation.

From the immersive to the intimate, the composition of space, object, and viewers are on the forefront of my mind. By introducing paper, wood, paints and other materials, I merge the two and three-dimensional to create works that are simultaneously sculptural and painterly. Coil built vessels offer a seamless line riddled with residue of the hand. Straight cut wood, rulered graphite, or masked paint provide a hard line from otherwise soft materials.

Dualities and boundaries are my greatest source of inspiration: How can minimal become excess? Where does a reference become a connection? When does nuance become novel? These instigating questions establish a relationship with the viewers of my work and create a cyclical rhythm of thinking, acting, and viewing. I have an idea, I make my idea, I see my idea. Viewers look, stay, and contemplate. It’s a flexible relationship that can be momentary or enduring.

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